Predicting Jesus

Predicting Jesus

by: Kim Erickson

Dive into the depths of Isaiah's prophecies about Jesus and their fulfillment in the New Testament with "Predicting Jesus" by Kim Erickson. This six-week women's Bible study takes you on a transformative journey, exploring the profound impact of Isaiah's words. For author and Bible teacher Kim Erickson, reading through Isaiah proved to be a life-changing experience, especially in the wake of her young son's death. The prophecies that came true, sometimes hundreds of years later, revealed the unwavering character of God.

With "Predicting Jesus," you will be challenged to examine your current mindset, strengthen your faith in Jesus and the Bible, and embrace God's power, nature, and plans. Each week offers a verse-by-verse study, contemporary application, reflection and prayer, and discussion questions for meaningful small group interaction. Let go of doubts, embrace the profound truths of Isaiah, and deepen your faith in Jesus and His promises. Order your copy today and embark on a journey of discovery!


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